The Future of Listening Hackathon


Sponsored by Audible and presented by NYC Media Lab

The Future of Listening Hackathon is a two-day event for developers and designers to explore the world of audio storytelling using the all-new Audible API.

Teams should apply by March 25th, 2016, to participate. The application is open to the public. Individuals are welcome to apply, but forming a team in advance is recommended.




Friday April 15, 6pm – 9pm

On Friday April 15, the hackathon kicks off at Civic Hall, 156 5th Ave (at 20th Street), New York, NY 10010. Teams commit to their project ideas on Friday evening with the goal of working on their ideas all day on Saturday, April 16.

Saturday April 16, 9am – 9:00pm

On April 16, the hackathon will begin with breakfast, a pep talk, and a technical “Getting Started with the Audible API” workshop. The teams will hack through the afternoon. The afternoon will also feature an optional  “Working at Audible” session, which is open to the public.

All hacking will end at 5:30pm. Teams will present their demo to a panel of judges including Founder & CEO Donald Katz and VP of Engineering Francis Shanahan. A prize ceremony and closing reception follows.



Form your team and apply using the form below. Tailor your project to one of the four focus areas:

Give it your personal twist

  • Help users personalize their experience through voice, recommendations, and other personalized content.

Maximize mobility

  • Audible is all about taking the story with you. How could you tailor the listening experience to a listener’s activity, location, or destination?

Get the whole family in on the story

  • How could you make an Audible listening experience more family friendly?

Leverage the future

  • Let’s figure out which new technologies can help make Audible more exciting. How are new devices like VR and home automation changing listening experiences? And, what does a fully immersive listening experience look like?


Prizes will be distributed to winning teams.

Grand prize = $5,000
First prize = $2,500
Second prize = $1,000
Third prize = $500

The application for the hackathon has closed.

Thank you for applying!